My name is Ryan Hoogerbrugge. This site really isn’t about me. That said, people are often interested about the who and the why of a website. I am a Christian. I am a husband and father. I am a white guy. I am a pastor. For many years I have been giving out Bibles to whoever needed one. 

In my journey I have given out Bibles in several languages. One day in conversation with another Christian who was passionate about giving out Bibles it came into my mind that indigenous peoples might appreciate to receive the Bible in the language of their people. This began a search to see what was out there. 

Several of these Bibles or books of the Bible translated into indigenous languages can be found at the Canadian Bible Society bookstore. Many however cannot. As I began searching the internet, I found PDFs, audio recordings, Bible apps and other sources of indigenous language Bibles in different places. It was during this effort that it occurred to me that a website would be a great way to share all that I had found. Some translations are from the 1800s and some are less than a decade old.

At this point I am just one person digging around and posting in my spare time here and there. There are other Christian texts that were also translated along with many of these Scriptures that I am beginning to include on this site.   

Is there a language that you are looking for that isn’t on this site? Contact me so that I can look for it. Have you found an indigenous language Bible not on this site? Contact me so that I can post it or link to it. Everything on the website is being posted with the best possible intentions. So if you see an error, contact me so that I can correct it.

The pictures on this website are of different places in Canada. I am thankful to my tree-hugging, bike-peddling, picture-taking brother Arie Hoogerbrugge aka "Safari Arie" for permission to use them. Check out his website at safariarie.ca